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As you might have noticed KORUA SHAPES  disappeared from our  website. Ongoing issues about  product availability , durability and product-quality made us decide to pull the plug and move on. We’d like to deliver grass root based and high end products. It turned out KORUA couldn’t match our expectations.

this website will transform into a more skate and surf orientated platform.

Our skateboardclinics, miniramp- and skatepark rentals, organize and hosting of events will be the future core business of SEVERE. Stay tuned

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Reviews (9)
    KORUA Shapes, wellknown for its unconventional shapes and its awesome videos is celebrating it’s rise on the Market. The incredible “Yearning for turning “ series are  drawing a lot of attention, and accelerated the sales of attractive shapes that popped up in these videos. In fact: it was one of the best marketing tools a snowboard brand ever used in years…

    It seemed the brand couldn’t honor the promise. Product were sold out halfway, restock was taking ages and first complaints came back to the shops. Korua Product quality became an issue too. The initial disaster with the inferior base of the first series, the vulnerability of the edgeless tails or  delamination of the topsheet lead to critical questions and an increasing amount of disappointed -or really pissed off – customers.  It’s kind of simple: In the end snowboard buyers just want reliable products which will last. Turn after turn, Run after run: A good product should definitely  last till the end of the season.

    Sometimes an awesome marketing campaign just isn’t enough. With the brand booming sky-high, competition between shops became increasingly hostile. The corporate identity and guidelines started to feel like a carefully designed straitjacket. Customers complaining about product quality were given a  discount on a substitute board, which exactly matches the retail price…. This isn’t the way we like to do business. We’d like to be open – call it naive- and stay true to our actual roots and mission to deliver high end products. Unfortunately  KORUA couldn’t match our expectations.  It made us decide to pull the plug and move on.  If you have issues or a warranty claim: please contact Korua directly.
    We wish them  a bright future,  a KORUA product quality that fulfill the needs and tons of awesome viddys, shapes and things to come. Good riddance!


    Totally dissapointed in KORUA  this website will slowly transform into a more skate and surf orientated platform. Bring back the good vibes

    Our skateboardclinics, miniramp- and skatepark rentals, organize and hosting of events will be the core business of SEVERE. Stay tuned

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    1. 1 out of 5
      1 out of 5

      Why does it take so long for KORUA to come with a good solution?

      • Hi Frits. Sorry to hear you have some problem with your Apollo.I think Jerry have contacted you by now. I have another Apollo56 directly available at SEVERE, PM when you’d like to pick it up. I will arrange things further with HQ

    2. 1 out of 5
      1 out of 5

      Kind of shocked to see that there weren’t metal edges all the way round. Too fragile. lasted one week. had to contact HQ for warranty. Must pay for another board? Commercial scheme!

    3. 3 out of 5
      3 out of 5

      The board is riding great, just a problem with the tail delaminating a bit in the corner.

    4. 1 out of 5
      1 out of 5

      No More KORUA for me. Deeply disappointed in KORUA.

    5. 1 out of 5
      1 out of 5

      KORUA offered me a new one. Just like you said. haha. Still have to pay 200 eu

      • Finally- you are a lucky bastard Andy!

      • and..did you take it?

    6. 3 out of 5
      3 out of 5

      KORUA peeps can always start a movie company. Is what they do best. #YFT

    7. 3 out of 5
      3 out of 5

      Good to have it out in the open. If you can’t make it fake it.

    8. 5 out of 5
      5 out of 5

      Too bad. I have a totally different experience with Korua. I have used the Puzzle 161 for three (long) winter seasons when a fabrication issue became apparent. Korua immediately offered a new board, no questions asked about misuse or abuse of the board. Proud owner of a Korua here 🙂

      • ah nice. Good to hear there is at least one proud owner left. Did they give you the discount deal or the free board offer?

      • Good to hear there are still some believers! We also really liked their concept when they started it. YFT was a pure form of art. So are some of their shapes. And having a large investment group behind the brand I ‘ll think they will be back with better boards. There’s too much at stake right now.

    9. 1 out of 5
      1 out of 5

      good to hear you guys are moving on. Plastic peeps and poser goods ain’t good for the snowboard industry.. Who do they think they are? fucking Jeremy Jones? For god’s sake. Korua. . Never again

      • Sorry to hear this. we contacted HQ but Unfortunately there will be no significant change in the materials KORA uses
        As an alternative I suggest the Morris157 from POWFINDER Snowboards. if you’d like some really topnotch “plus serie” hop over to http://www.powfinder.com
        I think you will enjoy snowboarding again.

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