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SEVERE: KORUA Coreshop and  Specialized KORUA Shapes Dealer

With its unconventional shapes, snowboard brand KORUA Shapes offers an alternative snowboarding experience. They’re all aesthetically pleasing with a sublime performance. KORUA  aims at bringing the fun back to the mountains with specially designed boards for different conditions.  KORUA deliver a quiver of snowboards  that could handle hard-pack just as well as deep powder.  If you share the boys’ ‘Yearning For Turning’ then Korua Shapes is a brand you absolutely have to check out.   At this moment SEVERE is  the  specialized dealer of KORUA snowboards  in the Netherlands, carrying the largest selection of KORUA Shapes in Northern Europe.  If you spend most your time enjoying, cruising, carving and turning we are out there for you. Simple as that.

Personal Advice and  Professional service,  based on decades  of  snowsurf - and  freeride- experience. #NotYourAverageBoardshop


 Premium surfboard design with that edgy retro vibe.

Dutch private label SEVERE designs  on a small scale innovative but classic  surfboards and surfboard shapes  with supreme  quality and passion. SEVERE offers "one of a kind" surfboards  in close collaboration with the very best European Surfboard shapers today. Unique designs could be an  alternative to the mainstream production the corporate shops like to sell.  We offer clear and direct  communication about custom mades  or adjustable artwork.  Our premier collection surfboards are dedicated to times, where hope, imagination  and freedom ruled the World. The  color pack refers to  that  good clean 70-ies  vibe.   SEVERE surfboards:  next level Hypto Kryptos , high performance shortboards  and vintage heritage minimals.

SEVERE Surfboards

SEVERE SKATE SURF SNOW  Beyond boundaries since 1979

Independent  skate surf and  snowboard  company SEVERE creates and designs supreme quality Skateboards and handcrafted retro Surfboards. SEVERE is the specialized  Dutch Dealer of  the   innovative  snowboard brand  KORUA  Shapes.    SEVERE was founded in 2002  by Punkrock and Snowboard-veteran. Sander K.  Coming from the late seventies  Punkrock  scene we cherish  nearly forty years of  independent  “Do It Yourself”  attitude. This, combined with our ongoing  passion for skate, surf an snowboarding is what SEVERE is all about.


Teamriders and Sponsorship

SEVERE doesn’t carry that average “skate team” . In fact: we stopped sponsoring team riders  for several reasons. We strongly believe that “the action sports industry” isn’t the playground of corporate investors. It is not  about pumping funds and  exploiting teens on stage. It’s not about powerful distributors deciding what’s hot and happening.

However we do support people for less obvious reasons.  As a socially engaged company, SEVERE has chosen to support nonprofit organizations like   Skateistan, Save the waves, Protect Our Winters, ILADS,  PETA….to name a few.

But: We offer skateboardclinics ! It’s comforting to realize  everybody can be part of something ...somehow...somewhere

5 out of 5

Hypto Krypto "The Sequel" Next level   surfing performance

SEVERE surfboards redesigned the legendary Hypto Krypto shape. Our "Sequel" is more maneuverable than a traditional fish. It's advanced design is focused around speed, to enable surfers to make sections that they don’t normally expect to make. Finished with a variety of retro style colorways.   Suited to the elite level to the everyday surfer. It is often referred to as the ‘one board quiver’ for its versatility across all types of surfconditions – from small beach breaks, to monster barrels of up to 8ft.  Novices to advanced surfers will appreciate this Hypto Krypto's   unique outline -We took it one step further....

Hypto Krypto “The Sequel”

Boardsports company SEVERE returns after 10 year hiatus Relaunch with Style and Passion

Sander, the man behind SEVERE, was faced with some mysterious health problems which intensified over time. Lyme disease  had found its way into the deeper regions of his system – far from the reach of most medication. After long periods of  intensive treatment  he  still didn’t get better.  As a result, SEVERE too went slowly  into hibernation…

Diagnosed with Chronic Lyme and Damaged beyond recovery. SEVERE's owner Sander K. relaunch his skate surf snowboard company despite his ongoing limitations. Sander is more determined about his company than ever.    To get things rolling he   initiated the successful crowdfunding-project  "Skateboardartists support Lyme research"   which lead directly to   SEVERE's relaunch.

All profits we make on the specially designed "Lyme Brain series"-symbolising  the devestating impact of chronic Lyme disease-  will go entirely to research  #findacure #lymedisease

relaunch 2016
KORUA shapes

Premium Boardgear provided by SEVERE

At this moment SEVERE is  the original dealer and authorised specialty shop of KORUA Shapes  in the Netherlands, carrying the largest selection of KORUA Snowboards  in Northern Europe.  Boarder owned.  Veterans, Creators and designers of SEVERE skateboards and clothing. Exceptional Surfboard designs  with a retro 70-ies vibe. Exclusive collection available  at our online skate surf and snowboardshop    

Questions? Showroom? Get in touch:  Drop us a line,  give us a call….see what happens !

KORUA shapes Apollo 56
KORUA shapes: The Pencil 64
KORUA shapes: Asytoni
SEVERE skate surf snow

T shirts, Hoodies, Longsleeves, Sweaters

SEVERE minilogo black
20.00 15.00
SEVERE Sweater -Sports Grey
50.00 40.00

Art & Design Sander K/ SEVERE skate surf snow . Model-Photography by  Cassandra van der Stelt.  Shipping Options, Returns and Warranty  at our Terms of Sale