SEVERE focus on Skateboard clinics- No more KORUA

This SEVERE website will slowly transform into a more skate and surf orientated platform. Bring back the good vibes  Our skateboardclinics, miniramp- and skatepark rentals, organize and hosting of events will be the core business of SEVERE. Stay tuned


POWFINDER Snowboards: Review Morris 157 Signature

Last year we had the chance to test, ride and review their board in different conditions. After riding dozens of mainstream boards from brands like Burton, Salomon, Lib Tech, Never Summer and KORUA Shapes we felt quite excited to test this grassroot snowsurfbrand to the fullest. Using only high end materials, the specifics of the signature series are particularly promising, yet versatile and affordable. The board has bamboo sidewalls, a bamboo based core and an aesthetically pleasing bamboo topsheet. A superfast black electra 5920 base , extra inserts for a wider stance, a continuous steel edge- even on the inside of rounded swallowtail are completing this ‘Bamboo Packed Powder Board ‘ POWFINDER offers a top notch alternative for the expensive Japanese snowsurf Brands and delivers at the same time a high end substitute for the mainstream ‘boards on a budget’. After two weeks cruisin’ the Morris157 on ice, hardpack, slush and deep powder we were surprised about the maneuverability, versatility and overall performance of this swallowtail snowboard. The pointed nose makes sure you charge tracked and untracked snow with the biggest ease, it’s specific snowsurf shape lets you turn on a dime effortlessly in the steepest couloirs , it’s more playfull in treeruns and a real delight on wide open fields than all my former freeride,  twintip boards or more specific snowsurf boards.. Powfinder Snowboards have to be ridden actively to get the best out of its massive rocker/camber/rocker profile. It carves like a beast and is an overall head turner in resorts . Overall verdict: POWFINDER Snowboards is a gamechanger

Skateboard clinics – Powfinder Snowboards – No more KORUA

Learn to skate like a pro. Kaj knows how.

A brand new initiative by former teamrider and current owner of SEVERE  Kaj Kuipers:  Severe Skateboarding Clinics.  Kaj combines his passion, experience and knowledge of skateboarding in giving Skateboard clinics.  Rookies youngsters or  festival freaks   will be given the opportunity to learn skateboarding in mixed groups or in private lessons. SEVERE skateboardclinics  has the full equipment – a mobile skatepark, miniramp, skateboards and protective gear for groups, events and festivals- Support your local skate scene!  Kaj was  present at one of the best  Dutch Surf and skateboard music festivals around:  MadNes  at the Isle of Ameland   (NL)  For additional information about skateboardclinics check

Skateboard clinics – Powfinder Snowboards – No more KORUA

KORUA Shapes, well-known for its awesome videos is celebrating it’s rise on the Market. The incredible “Yearning for turning “ series are  drawing a lot of attention, and accelerated the sales of attractive shapes that popped up in these videos. In fact: it was one of the best marketing tools a snowboard brand ever used in years…  However: It seemed the brand couldn’t honor the promise. Product were sold out halfway, restock was taking ages and first complaints came back to the shops. Product quality became an issue. The initial disaster with the inferior base of the first series, the vulnerability of the edge-less tails or  delamination of the topsheet lead to critical questions and an increasing amount of disappointed customers and boardshops.  It’s kind of simple: In the end snowboard buyers just want reliable products which will last. Turn after turn, Run after run: A good product should definitely  last till the end of the season


Sometimes an awesome marketing campaign just isn’t enough. With the brand booming sky-high, competition between shops became increasingly hostile. The corporate identity and guidelines started to feel like a carefully designed straight-jacket…. This isn’t the way we like to do business. We’d like to stay true to our actual roots and deliver high end products. Unfortunately  KORUA couldn’t match our expectations. It made us decide to pull the plug and move on.

As we  will not sell KORUA anymore, we advice  Customers who also face quality issues like delamination, side wall cracks and dried out , bad sliding bad bases to contact Marko or Jerry at KORUA Headquarters in Germany. Please enclose some pictures, a brief description of your complaint, invoice and the serial number of your KORUA shape. You’ll probably get a small discount – which matches the actual retail price- on your next KORUA board. It’s a proven way to ease the customers, keep them on board and sustain margins.  Everybody wins ?  Contact ’em at

Skateboard clinics - Powfinder Snowboards - No more KORUA

 Skateboard clinics – Powfinder Snowboards – No more KORUA


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Skateboard clinics – Powfinder Snowboards – No more KORUA


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Skateboard clinics – Powfinder Snowboards – No more KORUA