Dutch private label SEVERE designs  on a small scale innovative yet classic  surfboards combining supreme  quality with  passion. SEVERE offers “one of a kind”  surfboards  in close collaboration with the very best European Surfboard shapers today. Our premier collection surfboards are dedicated to times, where positive vibes  of free spirits  were changing  the World. Our color pack refers to  that  good clean 70ies vibe.   Check out our  brand new series next level Hypto Kryptos , high performance shortboards  and vintage heritage minimals.  “Enjoy  the unconventional way of doing things…..There’s no authority but yourself”

“Enjoy  the unconventional way of doing things…”

Grown up in the seventies and raised in the early eighties punkrock scene  SEVERE ‘s base is deep in the underground. We  stay true to our roots.  All our  Surfboards are handcrafted , individually shaped and designed at the Atlantic Coast. People not profit