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SEVERE: KORUA Coreshop and  Specialized KORUA Shapes Dealer

With its unconventional shapes, snowboard brand KORUA Shapes offers an alternative snowboarding experience. They’re all aesthetically pleasing with a sublime performance. KORUA  aims at bringing the fun back to the mountains with specially designed boards for different conditions.  KORUA deliver a quiver of snowboards  that could handle hard-pack just as well as deep powder.  If you share the boys’ ‘Yearning For Turning’ then Korua Shapes is a brand you absolutely have to check out.   At this moment SEVERE is  the  specialized dealer of KORUA snowboards  in the Netherlands, carrying the largest selection of KORUA Shapes in Northern Europe.  If you spend most your time enjoying, cruising, carving and turning we are out there for you. Simple as that.

Personal Advice and  Professional service,  based on decades  of  snowsurf – and  freeride- experience. #NotYourAverageBoardshop

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  • KORUA SHAPES est. 2014

    With its unconventional shapes, snowboard brand Korua  offers an alternative snowboarding experience. Inspired by snow-surfing and founded by pro-riders Nicholas Wolken and Stephan Maurer, it aims at bringing the fun back to the mountains with specially designed boards for different conditions.  It  makes  riding simply easier and the easier the board is to ride the better you ride and the more fun you will have. SEVERE is stoked to have Korua “on board!” As KORUA specialist we were there when it all started. Simply because #weloveturns


    Korua Shapes from the outset are different, with a quiver containing truly unique shapes and with European pro shredders  at the helm, it’s clear that they are onto something special. It’s pretty simple; the new shapes are more fun to ride, especially in the conditions they are designed for. In the same way it’s usually more fun to surf a longboard in slow knee high conditions and a shortboard in fast and hollow waves. Every shape  has a very different character and offers new experiences.  Hard pack carving?  Snowsurf?  Deep Pow Treeruns?  We think the new, more thought out shapes make riding easier and the easier the board is to ride the better you ride and thus the more fun you will have, right?

    Korua snowboards at SEVERE
    Largest selection in Northern Europe

    To Celebrate our role as leading KORUA shapes specialist we’re  offering an even larger selection and improved versions in 2017. With the  brand booming sky high we’re damn proud to  be a part of where it is today. SEVERE immediately saw the full potential and infinite choices the new shapes had to offer and  supported the brand  ever since.  We even  tried to  get  it  in the  snowboard-shops  in the Netherlands.  After a few calls, it became  clear shop owners had  an issue with new things outside their  comfort zone and that itself turned out to be a mistake…. It takes some time for people to jump over their shadows and prejudice to try something that looks very different but once they do, they know why . A good idea will eventually take over.

    At the   Amsterdam Freeride Film festival, we presented the innovative  brand to the WePowder Freeride Community.  As was to be expected , opportunist players have found the way to the market too. Besides selling thermal underwear, mainstream snowboard brands, skis or  trail running shoes  they   popped in KORUA for the quick buck.   At SEVERE we would like to stay  true to our roots and are still in it for all the right reasons. We don’t sell skis, why should we?  We have Korua!    We were there when it all started.  Get your  snow-surf machine in our board shop we carry the  Largest specialized collection in Northern Europe    Worldwide delivery, Free EU shipping

    #Coreshop # specialist #NotYourAverageBoardshop

    SEVERE heeft meer dan een jaar geleden het voortouw genomen om het Zwitsere KORUA  “in de Nederlandse markt te zetten”.  Na een ontnuchterend  rondje bellen met boardshops,  bleek echter  hoe behoudend de meeste   zijn qua  inkoop: veel inwisselbare collecties  én het  beproefde  repertoire  van een klein groepje distributeurs.  (…) Graag of niet. SEVERE BOARDGEAR  introduceerde  KORUA Shapes in Nederland en heeft zich hier volledig  in  gespecialiseerd. Die duidelijke profilering heeft  ons een voorsprong gegeven  die ons  -nu  het merk steeds groter wordt-  door  sommige concurerende (web) shops niet in dank wordt afgenomen.  De mentaliteit waaruit dit voorkomt is ons vreemd. Wij  verkopen niet ‘en masse’ mainstream producten, wij zijn specialist. En met deze onafhankelijke instelling  zijn we nog even idealistisch,  wereldvreemd,  overtuigd, exclusief  en koppig als toen we met SEVERE  begonnen…..
    #weloveturns # specialist #NotYourAverageBoardshop #truepeople #BeyondBoundariesSince79

    SEVERE Boardgear:  Blijvend gespecialiseerd  in  KORUA Shapes.  Bekijk de hele collectie  in de   Coreshop ! Vragen? Stel ze!


    Korua specialist SEVERE 


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    1. 5 out of 5
      5 out of 5

      wat goed van jullie om KORUA op de markt te knallen. haha dat met die comfortzone. Revert95 eat your heart out. stay true guys! P

    2. 5 out of 5
      5 out of 5

      Merci Sander , c’est incroyable. Guillaume ^^

    3. 5 out of 5
      5 out of 5

      Amazing website. Great design, awesome collection Korua shapes. Can’t wait to release the beast #stealth56

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