Last year we had the chance to test, ride and review their board in different conditions. After riding mainstream boards from brands  like Burton, Salomon, Lib Tech, Never Summer and the KORUA we felt quite excited to test this grassroot snowsurfbrand to the fullest. Using only high end materials, the specifics of the signature series are particularly promising, yet versatile and affordable. The board has bamboo sidewalls, a bamboo based core and an aesthetically pleasing bamboo topsheet. A superfast black electra 5920 base , extra inserts for a wider stance, a continuous steel edge- even on the inside of rounded swallowtail are completing this ‘Bamboo Packed Powder Board’ POWFINDER offers a top notch alternative for the expensive Japanese snowsurf Brands and delivers at the same time a high end substitute for the mainstream ‘boards on a budget’.

After two weeks cruisin’the Morris157 on ice, hardpack, slush and deep powder we were surprised about the maneuverability, versatility and overall performance of this swallowtail snowboard. The pointed nose makes sure you charge tracked and untracked snow with the biggest ease, it’s specific snowsurf shape lets you turn on a dime effortlessly in the steepest couloirs , it’s more playfull in treeruns and a real delight on wide open fields than all my former KORUA boards. Powfinder Snowboards have to be ridden actively to get the best out of its massive rocker/camber/rocker profile.  It carves like a beast and is an overall head turner in resorts . Overall verdict:  POWFINDER Snowboards is yet another highlight in Europe’s growing freeride- and snowsurf-community.

Powfinder snowboards Review

Morris 157 signature

“Gents … riding that board is like surfing an endless wave. I loved it. I f***ing loved it. I had the chances to ride it for 3 days during the last weekend and yesterday on large vertical powder slopes, tiny couloirs and trees. Conditions in Piedmont were excellent: up to 50cm recent snow and temperature dropping so I have been very lucky.

Perfect rocker line, I never ever had the nose diving into deep pillows. Perfect weight balance under the foot, I moved the bindings almost all the way back to the tail for the extra slash it gives (I am used to it also on windsurf and surf). Great control during jumps and landings. Great reflex and  stiffness

Super fast base, it is amazing how fast it accelerates and the top speed it reaches on powder. Perfect for tree runs, I could turn instantaneously at my will into tight spots. Usable in switch stance for short runs, pops easily for small jumps … it comes handy in trees and rocks.
Edges keep the curve and speed reasonably good on groomers and on powder I could tune the curves very comfortably and with excellent precision. Super nice finish, material and construction. Very high cool factor, everybody was staring at it and I had a number of chats on the slopes”

“More versatile than I expected and so easy to ride”

“The last few winters I mostly rode the Jones hovercraft 157, Jones flagship 164 and Radical Higher 162. I am a mid weight rider (83 kg) with EU 44 boots. Last summer I decided to go for the early bird discount and buy me a Morris 157. At that time there were no tests available, so it was quite a gamble. I decided that if it wouldn’t fill in my expectations on snow, than it would be nice to decorate my house ;).

Winter 17-18 was epic in the Alps. Some of the best winters in years with endless powder days. My winter started in Arosa during Christmas and the conditions were perfect. During two weeks in only rode the Morris 157 and haven’t used any other board since.

The board is real pleasure: stable and maneuverable under all conditions with a huge “buoyancy”. Even on the slopes it was great to surf around partly due to the fact that the board behaves like you would expect. I also use it with much confidence in technically more challenging terrain. The board is way more versatile than I expected and so easy to ride. It will make everyone a better rider, no matter what your level is.

I love the looks of the board and I gave it loads of love during the season. Every 5 days a new hot wax to get the most out of the sintered base.

This is a board that I will enjoy for a long time, my compliments and thanks to Morris and the entire Powfinder team. Would be great to share some lines in the future.

Frank’s  Powfinder snowboards review originally posted mid may may 2018



Years of developing  and riding handcrafted snowsurf shapes eventually  resulted in launching snowboard company POWFINDER    The small European brand just  launched their first edition on  the Amsterdam Freeride Film festival 2017:  The Morris Signature Series.  A High end, bamboo packed  snowsurfer.

The boards are shaped and designed by “the three engineers” a small team of snowboard veterans around “Meteo Morris” renown founder of European freeride community WePowder . Last year we hadthe chance to test, ride and  review the brand’s flagship: Morris 157 signature


POWFINDER  Snowboards launched its prototype for a 157 cm bamboo swallowtail late winter 2017. After testing the board  in the finest spring pow in the Swiss Alpes rumours of  an exciting new shape went fast: Pre-orders on this model were running wild.  It also resulted in speeding up the launch of the 2018 edition. The Morris 164 signature.  A big boy powderboard  especially designed for  the taller European rider. The focus for 18/19 will be on a downsized model, suitable for the smaller snowsurfer: a youth and women board.  All models are exclusively available at