Advanced Snowsurf Design


Years of developing  and riding handcrafted snowsurf shapes eventually  resulted in launching snowboard company POWFINDER    The small European brand just  launched their first edition on  the Amsterdam Freeride Film festival 2017:  The Morris Signature Series.  A High end, bamboo packed  snowsurfer.

The boards are shaped and designed by “the three engineers” a small team of snowboard veterans around “Meteo Morris” renown founder of European freeride community WePowder .

POWFINDER  offers a top notch alternative  for the expensive Japanese snowsurf Brands and  delivers at the same time a high end substitute for the mainstream ‘boards on a budget’.  Using only high end  materials, the specifics of the signature series are  particularly promising, yet versatile and affordable. The board has bamboo sidewalls, a bamboo based core and an aesthetically pleasing bamboo topsheet.   A superfast black electra 5920 base , extra inserts for a wider stance, a continuous steel edge-  even on the inside of rounded swallowtail  are completing this ‘Bamboo Packed Powder Board” .  A massive crew of pre-ordering enthusiasts  made POWFINDER Snowboards  yet another highlight in  Europe’s  growing  freeride- and snowsurf-community


POWFINDER  Snowboards launched its prototype for a 157 cm bamboo swallowtail late winter 2017. After testing the board  in the finest spring pow in the Swiss Alpes rumours of  an exciting new shape went fast: Pre-orders on this model were running wild.  It also resulted in speeding up the launch of the 2018 edition. The Morris 164 signature.  A big boy powderboard  especially designed for  the taller European rider. The focus for 18/19 will be on a downsized model, suitable for the smaller snowsurfer: a youth and women board.  All models are exclusively available at