With its unconventional shapes, snowboard brand KORUA  offers an alternative snowboarding experience. They’re all Aesthetically pleasing with a sublime performance.  KORUA  aims at bringing the fun back to the mountains with specially designed boards for different conditions.  KORUA deliver a quiver of snowboard s  that could handle hard-pack just as well as deep powder.  If you share the boys’ ‘Yearning For Turning’ then Korua Shapes is a brand you absolutely have to check out.    SEVERE is  the  specialized dealer of KORUA snowboard s  in the Netherlands , carrying the largest selection of KORUA Shapes in Northern Europe.  If you spend most your time enjoying, cruising, carving and turning we are out there for you. Simple as that.
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Short but float, this board is really nice in the trees, the short length still allows fast moves. Even though the look reminds us of a retro fish the overall characteristics give it quite the feel of riding a shortboard in small clean waves. The asymmetric tail offers goofy foot riders a different experience than regulars. A wide boards that carved well on the slopes.  With a wider board you can really set an edge, even in softer conditions. You don’t dig your feet as much, so you can really lean in on a hard bottom turn, like you’re dropping in from a wave.”

KORUA shapes Apollo 56

KORUA SHAPES: The Pencil -Deep powder swallowtail snowboard

The Classic Pencil, being the longest board in the pointy tip range,  is nice for speedier turns and effortless changing of edges in deep pow. It feels quite reactive and shorter than it actually is. Designed to keep the speed coming out of deep pow turns, the pointy nose keeps the spray out of your face and allows a smooth initiation of turns. Like all KORUA snowboards it is also really fun on groomers. This model nearly  sold out immediately when it came on the market in 2015   Wannahave. Make a reservation

KORUA shapes: The Pencil 64
The 156cm of the Stealth brings 4316 sqcm, which is very nice for the heavier riders or those lighter weight riders who love to stay right on top of things. Compared to the Pencil the stealth has a wider nose and thus a more chill and forgiving vibe in powder even though it’s shorter. Due to its float, your feet don’t drag and this makes takeoffs, and landings in deep pow a lot easier. It really holds the speed and thus is also nice for long, speed turns.
KORUA shapes: Stealth

The Asytoni is the longest board with the most float out of the current line. He actually rides quite mellow in flattish open terrain; ideal to enjoy those big long turns next to your friends who are already stuck, strapped out and hiking. But once you bring him to the steeps this guy can unleash the beast if you have the balls to stay on for the ride. The asymmetric tail makes its length easier to handle since it gives you that extra power on your front side turns. If you are in to riding big steep and deep faces this guy will give you the shivers.

KORUA shapes: Asytoni

Buy  your  KORUA Snowboard, carving machine  or snowsurf stick  in our Online Boardshop.  SEVERE is  the original dealer and an authorised specialty shop of KORUA Shapes, carrying the largest selection of  KORUA Snowboard s   in Northern Europe. Freeride community WePowder invited us to be part of their “Snowsurf  Clinic”   at the 2016 Amsterdam Freeride Film Festival.  As specialized Dealer   and first KORUA webshop  we provided some inspiring information about the return and background of the current  snowsurf movement.  We presented our  deep powder collection and  explained  the function of KORUA’s asymmetric shapes,  different noses and the endless possibilities to extend your quiver with high tech snowboard design. Got questions? Drop us a line!
Professional advice based on Decades of Freeride and Snowsurf Experience….Worldwide Delivery –  Free EU shipment on all KORUA Snowboard s.

The Tranny Finder complements a surfy riding style while still allowing to integrate freestyle in your run.  It is shaped for spinning of natural features like cliffs while still allowing switch landings and takeoffs. We were also quite surprised to see how well it works on slushy slopes and kicker takeoffs. Definitely a board ideal for all conditions and riding styles as well as large feet. So far it is the most versatile KORUA snowboard in the line.
KORUA shapes: Tranny finder
Splitboarding offers the ultimate freedom.  Away from the crowds, dropping lines you never expected to make.   If you like  splitboard missions for hunt of new pow then this board  might be the weapon of choice.  The Korua pencil split  is nice for speedier turns and effortless changing of edges in deep pow, it feels quite reactive and shorter than it actually is. Designed to keep the speed coming out of deep pow turns, the pointy nose keeps the spray out of your face and allows a smooth initiation of turns. Korua pencil split:  A surf approach in Splitboarding.
KORUA Pencil Split
The Korua Puzzle  offers more torsion stiffness, which gives it more response coming from the tail. Ideal for short powerful riding style and snappy sprays. It is quite reactive and offers immediate response over the back foot, ideal if you still want to put some Airs in your run. The Puzzle 61 is another great concept from our Friends at KORUA ! Coming soon-make a reservation  
KORUA Puzzle

Softboot carvingboard

The Café Racer is a soft boot carving board, ideal for tight, aggressive turns when tearing up resort groomers. The full camber on this board gives you more grip in turns from tip to tail, and rides like a train on tracks. A good board to learn how to carve properly but also able to handle the perfect turns of a powerful experienced rider. Even though it is built for groomers it can handle some powder and due to the sintered base, it’s also a banked slalom winner in tighter banks. We  recommend riding this board with steeper positive binding angles as well as a slightly narrower stance to let the board flex a bit more nicely when riding. Softboot carvingboards  are going to be  booming the coming years

KORUA shapes: Café racer

SEVERE introduced the Swiss brand to the Dutch Market. We immediately saw the full potential  in  performance and design.  We  represented KORUA at numerous events and festivals.  Played a supportive role in where it is today.  Commercial players have found the way to the market too. Besides selling thermal underwear, mainstream snowboard brands, skis  or “casual shoes”  they   popped in  an occasional  KORUA Snowboard for the quick buck.   At SEVERE we would like to stay  true to our roots and are still in it for all the right reasons. We don’t sell skis, why should we?  We have Korua!

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