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This fall  snowboard company POWFINDER  will release their first edition: The Morris 157 signature.  A high end, bamboo packed  snowsurfer. The engineers  behind POWFINDER  have been carefully developing handcrafted bamboo snowsurf prototypes for  six years now, before launching their ultimate Concept. Starting with a 157 cm bamboo swallowtail,  next years edition will be extended with two other models. A Big Boy 164 Powderboard, designed for the taller European Rider and a downsized girly/ youth Model, a versatile high speed carver. POWFINDER  offers a top notch alternative  for the expensive Japanese snowsurf Brands and  delivers at the same time a high end substitute for the cheaper European Brands.  The specifics of the Morris 157 Signature are beyond promising, yet versatile and affordable. The board has bamboo sidewalls, a bamboo based core and an aesthetically pleasing bamboo topsheet. Using only premium materials,  a superfast black electra 5920 base , extra inserts for a wider stance, a continuous steel edge-  even on the inside of rounded swallowtail – s could make  this ‘Bamboo Packed Powder Board’   the next level in European Snowsurf performance.  To celebrate their first edition POWFINDER are offering “Early birds”  a pre-order discount  on their boards. Because of its outstanding quality and performance we advice those shapes prior to the KORUA  serie.

You can get this premium snowboard with a massive Early Bird Discount at powfinder.com


Building a quiver or looking for your next new board?

 If you are planning to ride one board only and not build a quiver of different shapes, it makes sense to choose a model with fitting length and width before going into nose and tail shapes. The length and width will simply play a bigger role on whether you will be stoked on the board on a daily basis. For people who want to build a quiver we suggest to pick a board that’s as different as possible from what you already have. We might even have some high end Japanese  bamboo snowsurfers available!

If you still don’t know what shape will bet he best for you , just simply drop us a line we’ll try to help you with some recommendations which seems best.
Just provide us with some information on  size, weight and experience: Are you a beginner, advanced or  a total pro-rider?  What is your  Riding Style … Do you like blowing powder, cruising slopes? Or do you prefer to get as low as you go-Are you into carving   or do you simply kicking  park and rail? Do you want it to  be your next  everyday board or merely  an addition to your quiver? And which shape  seems at this moment  the most appealing ? Basic , plus serie or high end?

As premium  KORUA webshop we already have shipped KORUA snowboards to  customers around the globe: Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden ,  United States, Finland,U.K.,  The Netherlands,Austria  Belgium,Germany, France , KORUA shapes New Zealand ….  We even had a customer living in New Caledonia!  We offer Free EU shipping(2-3 days) And super fast international shipping ( 3-4 days) to Argentina, Russia, China,Japan, Australia and KORUA shapes New Zealand. The costs of shipping will be calculated automatically at the check out,   but are for the US, Canada 35 euros. If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere it varies between 65 to  95 euros, depending on your exact location. If you want the board to be delivered high priority get in touch.We’ll work it out.

We find it important to check our quiver before selling it to customers.  We sometimes have some  used ex-demo or ex-test boards for sale. These snowboards come with a small discount. Just drop us a line , if you’re living on a smaller budget.


KORUA shapes  New Zealand  Australia

Severe represents KORUA Shapes at WePowder Freeride Film Festival

Freeride community WePowder invited us to be part of their “Snowsurf  Clinic”   at the forthcoming Freeride Film Festival.  As specialized Dealer of KORUA Shapes and first KORUA webshop  in the Netherlands we’re stoked  to provide some inspiring KORUA news and  information about the return and background of the current  snowsurf movement.  We’ll carry some deep powder swallowtails, explain the function of KORUA’s asymetric shapes,  different noses and endless possibilities to extend your quiver with high tech snowboard design and more KORUA  news  ….But reckon: “It won’t be  facts and files….it’s about bringing back the smiles”    WePowder  Freeride Film Festival  will take place at Tuschinski Theatre Amsterdam.  November 4th 2016   Get your tickets for the most amazing freeride movies  here: http://www.freeridefilmfestival.nl/

Check more Korua news

KORUA shapes New Zealand

Learn to skate like a pro. Kaj knows how.

A brand new initiative by former teamrider Kaj Kuipers:  Severe Skateboarding Clinics.  Kaj combines his passion, experience and knowledge of skateboarding in giving Skateboard clinics.  Rookies youngsters or  festival freaks   will be given the opportunity to learn skateboarding in mixed groups or in private lessons. SEVERE skateboardclinics  has the full equipment – a mobile skatepark, miniramp, skateboards and protective gear for groups, events and festivals- Support your local skate scene!  Kaj was  present at one of the best  Dutch Surf and skateboard music festivals around:  MadNes  at the Isle of Ameland   (NL)  For additional information about skateboardclinics check  http://severeskateboardingevents.nl/

SEVERE skateboards donates  its  profit  to Lyme research

Last winter skateboard company SEVERE started  the  crowdfund campaign   “Skateboardartists support Lyme research”  to support research and treatment towards  the devastating impact of  Lyme Disease:   “Dutch design fighting Chronic Lyme “.   Today the brand  donated  all   its  profit it  made on their  2016 SEVERE  Skateboards and “Lyme brain” Apparel  to  two good causes:  ILADS  and the Dutch Chronic Lyme Fund by STZ.

ILADS is a nonprofit, international, multi-disciplinary medical society, dedicated to the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Lyme and its associated diseases. It promotes understanding of Lyme through research and education and strongly supports physicians and other health care professionals dedicated to advancing the standard of care for Lyme and its associated diseases.  Over 90% of funds received go toward training doctors. In doing so, they will return to their communities with enhanced skills. Resultantly, they will have the ability to provide superior care to Lyme patients. In summary, all  intended to improve the health and quality of life for those who suffer from the most debilitating effects of Lyme disease.  Read more
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The crowdfunding  lead directly to skateboard company ‘ SEVERE’s relaunch .   Thank you all  for your ongoing support!

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