In 2002 the Dutch Punkrock-  and snowboard veteran Sander Kuipers initiated the independent answer to the corporate boardsport identity, founding his board-core  brand SEVERE.  While a lot of the bigger “boarding companies” are somehow drifted away from their original sources,  SEVERE   stays the original contender in the skate and snowboard scene .  Persistently  practising the “old skool”  D.I.Y. attitude eventually resulted in  nearly a decade of high standard independent boardgear. Stay subversive, keep it real : The underground should never hit the surface.  

The Snow, Skate and Surf industries were born out of passion. These passionate hands are what nurtures and guides the industry to grow on the proper path. We all have the power to help direct the course of these industries by what we purchase and who  we  support. We encourage you to empower those  companies who were born out of  passion, rather than those companies who wish to  take someone else's passion down their  own path.  There’s no such thing as Nike Skateboarding .Adidas snowboarding does’nt exist. Keep our Snow Skate and Surf industry in passionate hands

SEVERE is a boarder owned company, founded in 2002 by the Dutch Punkrock & Snowboard veteran Sander Kuipers. to higher quality and awareness for core brands. SEVERE’s Created for all you core-boarders, drop outs & freeriders out there who are still in it for all the right reasons. Read between the lines, think outside the box : There’s no authority but yourself....., severe skateboards. severe snowboards, severe surfwear, action sports, skatepunk, skateboarding, snowboarding, freeriding, powder,backcountry, severe, severe boardgear, sander k. dutch designer, graphic design, zmiv,blast-omatic,le roi mort et les lentilles rouges